Tentation 2015 - vendange d'automne

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The name says it all here... pure seduction in a bottle. This dessert wine shall be obtained from concentrated overripe grapes with sufficient alcohol potential. The residual sugars that give it its sweet taste are unfermented sugars that are the result of the natural stagnation of fermentation. Since we ourselves are not such a fan of sticky wines, it was important that we chose a wine with a nice acidity. After all, it is the acids that determine the elegance and storage potential of this wine. The Tentation is straw yellow and is subtle on the tongue. Sweet apple, raisins, figs and light citrus notes in the full aftertaste testify to a special finesse. This wine can be perfectly combined with all kinds of desserts based on chocolate and fruit. We also donate this Tentation as an accompaniment to a well fried foie gras with a crumble of gingerbread and red berries... celestial. 
An exclusive wine that can only be made in certain years and in very limited volume with very good storage capacities.
Serve at 11-12°C