Would you like to have a tasting in your company, restaurant, golf club, shop or at home? That is possible. We are happy to send an employee from our domain. An original alternative to a classic drink, open-door day or the promotion of...

We take you on a virtual walk through our vineyards and pamper your taste buds with our exclusive Grand Cru Champagnes and/or Grand Vin de Bourgogne.
You take care of: 
- the invitations and guests (min. 10, max. unlimited) and the adapted location
We take care of: 
- the wines, champagnes and a programme adapted in English, Dutch, French or German
Do you like wine and food pairing?
We are happy to give you some ideas on how to get started or you can tell us what you want to serve, so that we can adapt our wines and champagnes to the dishes.
No inspiration? Then we also offer you an "all-in" formula
Rate: Always a tailored offer 
A simple tasting & presentation takes about an hour and a half.
Here we serve 3 white and 3 red wines or 3 different cuvées from our Grand Cru Champagnes
Of course we also offer longer programs with more wines or our top wines (premier cru, grand cru). Please consult us.
The open bottles remain on the spot after the tasting.
Reservation: make a reservation one month in advance and notify the exact number of participants at least 14 days in advance.