Mercurey AOC Rouge - 2018

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The deep ruby red color is the announcement of a full red wine. The Mercurey is a character wine with a nose of strawberry, raspberry and cherry. The older wines evolve into undergrowth, tobacco and have nuts of cocoa beans. On the palette, a young Mercurey stands firmly on his minerality and spiciness, but obsolete he surprises with his roundness. The Mercurey prefers steak, lamb or roast pork (spiced spare rib, etc.) or game as an accompaniment. As a partner for the better BBQ, this wine is also tasted. In combination with exotic dishes (where some more spice is used), a Mercurey is a good choice. A sturdy wine without being too obtrusive. 
Serve at 14-15° for young wines and 15-16° for older wines.