Corton Grand Cru "Le Rognet" AOC - 2013

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The Corton is an iconic Burgundy. This wine is one of the absolute top wines in the world. This Grand Cru is complex. Its colour is deep velvet red and tends to magenta. The generous nose is blueberry, cherry, violet, leather, fur, pepper and liquorice. On the tongue, this wine is powerful and fat. This is a wine that comes to maturity at 4 to 12 years. This sensual caress with its sturdy structure expects a response from the dish with which it is combined. The difference between "Le Rognet" and "Les Renardes" is that the leather and coat impressions are more present in "Les Renardes". "Les Renardes" is a little more pronounced. A Corton Grand Cru is the ideal wine for grilled red meat, roast beef, all game, long stewed leg of lamb in red wine and firm sauces. If you want a Corton cheese to be accompanied, it must be strong in order to tame this strong boy (blue cheeses, pronounced flavours...). A perfect combination we find ourselves a very good Pata Negra of + / - 3 years old (noteworthy taste of the fat) with a glass "Corton Grand Cru".... Just enjoy it heavenly.
Serve at 14-16°